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 The Tralf Music Hall Box Office is located in Theatre Place at 622 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
Ph: 716-852-2860


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How do I get into The Tralf?
The Tralf is located at 622 Main St. in downtown Buffalo in the Acquest Building formerly known as Buffalo Place. The building is the first building south of Shea's Theater and has entrance doors on Main St. and Pearl St.

Where can I find parking?
The most convenient options are the parking lots both sides of Pearl St. Parking along our local streets can be tricky. Please read all posted signs carefully as permit parking is STRICTLY enforced by the city and the private lot operators. Metered spots are often available on Pearl St. The Tralf does NOT own or operate a parking lot.

I’ve never been to the Tralf Music Hall before, do I get a seat or is it general admission?
The Tralf Music Hall is a general admission venue and is usually cabaret style. Please note, all seating is first come first served. Additionally, we have seating in our front bar area and upstairs in our Balcony loft.

Are there service fees for Tralf ticket purchases?
Service fees for Tralf Box Office purchases are only $1 per ticket regardless of whether they are in-person or on the phone. Service fees from Ticketmaster, Wal-Mart and other outlets vary. Please check with your retailer.

How do I get VIP seating?
All shows at Tralf Music Hall are general admission. VIP seating is not offered. The Tralf, however, does offer an annual TRALF CLUB membership.

What is the TRALF CLUB?
Tralf Club is a $50 annual membership fee that includes early admission and choice seating for all Tralf shows for which you hold a ticket. It is good for you and a guest. Special ticket offers and free show offers are sometimes extended to Tralf Club members. Tralf Club memberships can be made at Tralf Box Office or by phone at 716.852.2860

What is the earliest I can come into the venue? What is the time listed on my ticket?
The earliest time you will be allowed into the venue is when the doors open, which is the time that is printed on your ticket. If your tickets are at will call, you can also find the door time on our home page.

What time to people start to line up?
If you would like to line up before the doors open, we ask that you do it no more than an hour in advance.

My tickets are at will call. How & when can I pick up my tickets?
If your tickets are at will call, you can pick up your tickets on the night of the event only at the box office when it opens. The box office will open an hour before the posted door time. You must present a valid picture ID and the credit card used for the purchase. No ID = no admission. No exceptions.

I’m on the guest list. How do I get in?
Go to will call and present a valid picture ID for admittance. No ID = no admission. No exceptions.

How can I buy advance tickets?
All advance tickets can be purchased through www.Ticketmaster.com – and can be purchased directly from our Box Office in person, or by calling 716.852.2860. Tickets are also available at most Wal*Mart Locations Advance tickets will be available for purchase from when they go on sale until the day of the show. Tickets typically do go up in price on the Day of the Show, so Advance Sale purchase is encouraged.

Do you serve food?
YES! Please see our MENU page.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Cash, VISA, Mastercard and American Express are accepted at the box office and bar.

Do I have to be 21 and over to be admitted?
Yes. Unless accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian. In very few cases there are certain 18+ and All Ages events, and will be clearly marked as such.

What is the Tralf Music Hall’s photo policy for still cameras?
Our photo policy changes each night as it is dictated to us by the headlining artist of the event that night. We typically do not find out the official photo policy of the artist until they arrive the evening of the show date.

What is the Tralf Music Hall’s photo policy for video cameras?
Absolutely no video cameras are allowed. Please contact the artist if you are interested in video taping them or their show.

I’m a photographer. How do I get a photo pass?
Please contact the artist you would like to photograph about getting a photo pass for their show here. We (The Tralf Music Hall) cannot grant photo passes -- as it is the artist’s discretion.


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