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 Tralf Music Hall- Production / Rental Info

Tralf Music Hall Information

The Tralf Music Hall is located in Buffalo, New York's Theatre District. Renown by audiences and artists alike as Western New York's best sounding room, and the only venue in NY with Live 7.1 Surround Mixing. Artists enjoy the highest quality production elements. The Tralf specializes in in-house Recording and HD Video services. Many National CD’s and Video releases have been shot at the Tralf. Contact us at 716-835-3500, or at 716-604-7668 to discuss your recording and production needs. In addition to the well-appointed artists' backstage area and world class hospitality, audiences enjoy the atmosphere and unmatched concert sight lines...there is not a bad seat in the house. Tralf Music Hall is a true concert club experience.

2017 Tralf Venue Specifications

Venue PA:
Newly flown and aligned TX Concert System P.A. with 6/6 TX4’s and TX9 Subwoofers. This is the only Live system in New York with true 7.1 Surround mixing available, as well as the normal L,R, Sub, Front Fill configuration. The entire system is correctly powered with QSC amplifiers and is capable of delivering 120db clear, undistorted SPL at FOH. FOH sends include L, R, Sub, Front Fill, and a Matrix feed to the Balcony. All sends are time-aligned through the FOH console. There are also 4 QSC HPR122i Speakers wall-mounted throughout the venue wired to 4 separate mixes; Surround L, Surround R, Rear Surround L, Rear Surround R, giving the operator a true 7.1 Surround system to mix on.
The ability for engineers to add instruments/vocals into the surround field as well as the stereo mix opens up the clarity and energy of the performance, and the engineers and audiences alike have been raving about how great the sound is in this room.

Midas powered X32 Digital Mixing Console, by Behringer. 32 XLR inputs with Midas Preams, 8 Aux inputs, 8 internal EFX returns set-up with 4 stereo effects slots, Lexicon effects, Klark-Technik super MAC network, gates on every channel, comps on every channel, and parametric EQ’s on every channel, 31 band EQ’s on all FOH outputs, as well as 7 band parametric EQ’s on all outputs. MP3 / iPod input, CD input, DVD/Blu-Ray input, Stereo Flash drive recording, 32 channel recording to any computer DAW through USB 2. *
*Please check with the production manager for recording feeds and rates.

Remote iPad control with external Wi-Fi and iPad. Musicians may control their own monitor mix through iPhone or Smartphone X32-Q app.

There is a laptop and Blu-ray player at FOH, HDMI and SVGA lines, all connected to 3 HD projectors and screens that are mounted Stage Right, Stage Left, and the large 15’ HD screen Up Stage Center. We also have high-speed internet with our HD PC Laptop at FOH that controls the projectors and screens*

Included in the venue rental are 7 mixes of monitors with a drum sub, all controlled by an iPad from the FOH console.
If a separate monitor console is needed, we have a second X32 (gates, comps, 31 band EQ’s and all Effects built in), or a Crest X8 40 channel Mixing Console that can be put at Stage Left monitor position, with 8 mixes of DBX 31 band EQ’s and a cue wedge.*

40 channel split snake is wired into wall up stage center, and connects to both consoles.
7 mixes of QSC HPR 122i Powered Monitors, including a powered JBL EON Drum Sub.

The stage is rectangular with a slight trapezoid shape at the rear. It is apprx. 18’ deep at the center, and averages 28’ of width. For viewing, there is not a bad seat in the house. We also have four 4’x8’ risers available in heights from 8” to 24”. The can be used as drum/keyboard risers, a runway stage extension, or to set up a second side stage for events where two stages are needed.*

The Tralf also has two dressing rooms for artists complete with bathroom facilities, and the larger dressing room also has a private shower. Both dressing rooms have AC power, free WiFI internet access, sinks and full mirrors, and fantastic lighting. There are full catering and hospitality services available in the dressing rooms, as well as a catering table in the private area outside the dressing rooms.

In the box office, we have areas available for use as a production office, complete with phone lines, power, and free WiFi internet access.

There are two full microphone complements available for use on all events, complete with professional microphones by Shure, Audix, Sennheizer, and more;
as well as a full complement of mic stands, direct boxes, and all cabling. Guitar stands, music stands, and keyboard stands are also available.

* please see our “Backline and Additional Gear Rental” section for information on wireless microphone rentals, in-ear monitors, staging risers, HD Projection, and a large compliment of in-house backline. There are additional rental fees for outside promoters to use these extra services.

At the end of our Backline list, there are optional services that we offer as well, for Audio Recording and Multitracking, Multi-camera HD Video Shoots and Production, as well as Studio Editing and Mastering. Please call 716-835-3500, or 716-604-7668 for pricing on optional services.

Standard Lighting in the venue includes 42 narrow par cans with side and rear color washes and multiple chase options and patterns. There are 10 amber pars for front lighting and specials, 1 color-changing Leko for a center spot. There are also audience par cans, and house lights control. There is a 24channel, 2 scene programmable controller at FOH with long throw faders, bump buttons, and programmable chase with rate control.
We have added sound-activated, DJ style lighting for the dance floor area if your event requires it.

*for ESI Promoted shows, Hazers and Moving Lights are included as well.
*Haze and Moving Lights are also available to rent for outside promoters.

Show Xpress Lighting Control:
For groups that use Moving Lights, The Tralf proudly uses Show Xpress controller software. ShowXpress turns a laptop into a full-blown moving light controller with the ability to import and export shows and scenes, create shows off-line and load them up at the venue, and works with any DMX fixture. Show Xpress is easy to use and cuts programming time down to a minimum.

Labor - (for non-ESI events)
A standard event at the Tralf Music Hall includes the labor for 1 System Technician who is responsible to setup and operate the Sound and Standard Lighting for your event.

If your event requires extra services, such as Intelligent (Moving) Lights, table and chair movement/placement, staging and runway setups, hanging banners and backdrops, hanging balloons and decorations, hanging video screens on stage, etc., there will be additional labor requirements and costs necessary for us to schedule the appropriate personnel. It is not the responsibility of the System Technician to handle these extra requirements. Please notify us as soon as possible with the requirements for your event so that we can schedule the appropriate personnel to make your event a success, and give you an accurate rate for the labor. Thank you.

2017 Tralf Backline and Additional Gear Rental

Please call us at 716-835-3500, or at 716-604-7668 to discuss rental of the following equipment or optional services.

Lighting and Hazers

Chauvet Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC Moving Lights. The Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC is a brilliantly bright 90w LED moving-head light with motorized focus and zoom for crisp gobo and beam changing effects. Seven already installed gobos plus the wedding 6-pack give you plenty of options for creating a unique look for every event. Master/Slave mode lets you create a beautiful light show quickly and easily. Built-in automatic programs along with move-in-black capability make programming with a DMX controller as easy as can be. Also has dimmer control for fading in and out, strobe. Colors: 8 + white, split colors, continuous scroll at variable speeds. Gobos: 7 + open (5 metal + 2 glass), rotating, interchangeable, indexing, slot-n-lock. Gobo Size: 24 mm outside, 20 mm image, 1.1 mm max thickness 3-facet rotating prism splits the beam for great effects and to cover a larger area. IRC Remote, Show Xpress Software Control and Lighting Programmer included.

Chauvet Arena Hazer 3.
This hazer uses water-based non-toxic fluid that is unscented and will not make anyone choke. No sticky residue and it looks great with lighting, or as a special effect. Includes remote operation from FOH. Can use a timer or manual operation with haze intensity control, duration, fan speed, and more.


Drum / Keyboard Risers
Up to two 8’x8’ risers are available for the stage, with either 8” legs, or 24” legs (24” height includes skirting). One 8’x12’ riser can also be made if there is only one riser needed (at either height). (*we have a max of four- 4x8 sections in-house when figuring out sizes)

Runways. We can accommodate a straight 4’ x 16’ Runway at 24” height ( to match the stage height of 24”) fully skirted.


We have a full-height black Podium available for corporate events that can house a laptop connected to the Upstage HD Video Screen.


We can supply a Blu-Ray player and Laptop at FOH, with HDMI and sVGA lines, all connected to a BenQ 1080p HD projector and 15’ HD screen that we mount to the Center Up Stage wall.

Wireless Mic’s and Monitors

Wireless Microphones. The best wireless in downtown Buffalo is Digital Wireless. Get incredible pure sound without dropouts or interference from all the radio transmitters in town. We use Line 6 XD-V75 Digital Wireless Microphones with selectable capsules (based on Shure SM58, Beta 58A, SM57, Audix OM5, AKG D5, e835, e935, n/d767a, AE4100, and more.) 14ch selectable frequencies at 2.4 gig. Up to 4 units available.

In-Ear Monitor Systems. Includes 5 Carvin stereo in-ear monitor transmitters and receivers with over 300 selectable frequencies. Also includes 2 wired stereo in-ear monitor boxes for musicians that prefer hard wired systems. (Artist to supply ear-buds or molds)

Wireless Guitar Systems. The best wireless in downtown Buffalo is Digital Wireless. Get incredible pure sound without dropouts or interference from all the
radio transmitters in town. We use Line 6 Relay G-55 Digital Wireless Guitar / Bass Systems with 12 channel 2.4 gig selectable frequencies and selectable cable tone. Up to 3 units available.

Mixing Consoles

Midas powered X32 Digital Mixing Console (by Behringer) - 32 XLR inputs, 8 Aux inputs, 8 internal EFX returns. Remote iPad control with external Wi-Fi and iPad. (included on in-house shows)

We have a second X32 Available for use as a separate Monitor Desk, or we can even link two X-32’s together giving a Monitor tech the ability to do 48 channels with 16 mixes of monitors (can be mixed between floor wedges and in-ear systems)

Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console. Everything that is included with the X32, and the addition of Midas Pro Preamps, Cirrus Logic AD/DA Converters, and the Midas faders make this desk a true Pro Series Midas mixing console.

Crest X8 40 channel analog mixing console for a separate monitor desk, along with 8 mixes of DBX 31 band graphic eq.

Drum Kits

Yamaha Absolute Custom Maple 7 Piece Drum Kit. 8, 10, 12” Rack Toms, 14, 16” Floor Toms, 22” Kick Drum, 14” Pearl Snare Drum, DW 5000 Hat Stand and DW 5000 Single Kick Pedal, DW9000 Double Kick Pedal, Tama Single Kick Pedal, 4 Yamaha Cymbal Stands, Yamaha Snare Stand, Zildjian Avedis Custom Cymbals, 14” Hats, 17, 18” Crashes, 20” ride.

Mapex Pro M Custom Maple 6 Piece Drum Kit. 10, 12” Rack Toms, 14, 16” Floor Toms, 22” Kick Drum, 14” Mapex Snare Drum,DW 5000 Hat Stand and DW 5000 Double Kick Pedal, 4 Mapex Cymbal Stands, Mapex Snare Stand, Zildjian Avedis Custom Cymbals, 16, 17” Crashes, 20” Ride, 14” Sabian Hats.

Guitar and Bass Amplifiers

SWR SM900 Bass Rig. SWR SM900 Head with 2- SWR 4x10 Goliath III cabinets.
Fender 1972 Bassman 100 bass or guitar amp. With 2- Jackson 4x12 cabinets.
Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp.
Fender Super Reverb guitar amp.
Roland JC-120 guitar amp.
Line 6 Flextone III guitar amp.

Keyboards, Pianos and Organs

Yamaha Motif XS6 76 Key Keyboard.
Yamaha Motif ES8, 88 Key Keyboard.
Korg Triton Pro X, 88 Key Keyboard.
Fender Rhodes Piano.
Yamaha C5 Grand Piano.
A 5.5’ Grand Piano, the largest one that will fit in the Tralf freight elevator.
Hammond XK-1 Organ with drawbars and a Motion Sound Pro 145 Leslie cabinet with rotating low and hi speakers. (An actual B-3 sound without the bulk and space of a B-3)


Taylor 355ce 12 string acoustic guitar w/ active pickup and eq. 
Fender Banjo 4 string banjo


10’ x 5.5’ Drum Shield.

Assorted X-braced Keyboard stands, 2 piano benches, guitar stands, and 6 music stands can be included on any in-house show at no charge.

2017 ESI Optional Services

* Please call 716-835-3500, or 716-604-7668 for pricing on optional services.

32 Track Digital Recording.  X-32 digital console with laptop recording all individual tracks of your show to Nuendo Live. Also includes a day in the studio to mix and Master the show to CD.

2 Camera HD Video Shoot with 2 Track Audio  for Blu-Ray. Includes three 1080p HD Cameras with 2 operators and one stationery cam to record your entire event. Package also includes a stereo mix off the house console, and a day in the studio to edit the production and put it on a Blu-Ray master or MPEG4 file. Can also be uploaded to the internet at your discretion.

3 Camera HD Video Shoot with 32channel Multitrack Audio for Blu-Ray. Includes three 1080p HD Cameras with 2 operators and a stationary cam to record your entire event. Package also includes the 32 Track Digital Recording listed above, and a day in the studio to edit the production and put it on a Blu-Ray master or MPEG4 file. Can also be uploaded to the internet at your discretion.

Ultimate 4 Cam HD Video Shoot and Blu-Ray. This package includes the 32 Track Digital Recording package listed above, and the 3 Camera HD Video Shoot as listed above, and we throw in a 4th HD Video Camera with an operator. Discount for entire package.

Outside Event System Rentals

Eon Rental System
16 Channel Pre Sonus Mixer
2 JBL Eon Speakers
2 Speaker Stands
3 QSC Powered Monitors
1- 8x4 channel sub-snake
3- XLR M to ¼” M adapters
20- XLR cables
3- Med Boom stands (2 chrome, 1 black)
4- Tall Boom Stands (black)
6- IEC Power cables
5- AC cables with 3-fer adapters
1- ESI Rental Mic Kit (includes 15 mics, 4 DI boxes, 2- ¼” cables and all clips)

Optional Extras
Audio Operator
2- Eon Subwoofers with poles, 2 XLR cables & 2 IEC cables.
1- QSC Powered Monitor w/ IEC cable and XLR to ¼” adapter (gives 4 mixes instead of 3)

JBL VRX 900 Line Array System (for DJ’s)
4- JBL 932 LAP Line Array Powered Loudspeakers
4- JBL 918 SP Powered Subwoofers
2- Subwoofer Poles
2- Speaker Stands
6- VRX Power cables and 2 Power jumpers
All ac cables included.
2- QSC HPR 122i Powered Monitors
1- PreSonus Studio Live Mixer 16.4.2.
Connecting XLR cables included
(Includes delivers and pickup.)

EON DJ System
Same as VRX 900 System, but with 2 EON Speakers and 2 EON Subs with poles instead of VRX Speakers: rental price per day $300

JBL VRX 900 Line Array Concert System
The ultimate digital concert system with no FOH obstruction for your audience or corporate event. We keep the console on the side of the stage and our engineer mixes the show with an iPad from anywhere in the venue.
Also, house and monitor EQ’s and band mixes can be stored in the console, so repeat shows from artists require almost no soundcheck, and very little noise. Even first time performances can be set up in record time with as little distraction as possible.

This System includes:
8- JBL 932 LAP Line Array Powered Loudseakers, flown 4 per side on our chain motors (off of your roof or towers. – speakers can be pole mounted if no fly points are available)
4- JBL 918 Powered Subwoofers
4- PAS Monitors with QSC Amplifiers
1- Midas powered X32 Digital Mixer with WI-Fi router and iPad FOH Mixing. (no snake run needed or FOH tent to obstruct the audience view!) Includes 4 mixes of monitors for the band. (extra mixes can be added per request)
Tralf Mic Comps included with all mic’s, stands, cables and DI boxes.
60amp single phase distro with 60’ of feeder for power. (or 8 – 20amp circuits of Edison power at stage if we can’t tie in our power)

2 Audio Engineers included to setup and operate system for your event.
Par can lighting is also available either rigged on truss, or mounted on stands.

As always, we can also supply backline for your event.

Multiple day and weekly discounts also available.

Additional band mixes, Midas console upgrades, digital snake, sidefills and more are also available.

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